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As a designer, I am striving to create a personal brand that is memorable and communicates meaningful information about me to my clients.


My name's figuratively meaning is intelligent and soaring in Vietnamese. The meaning of birds in design has been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. The magpie is one of the most intelligent birds, so I used it for my logo.

The logo has a minimalist look and appears to be a random line, but it is grouped into the shape of a bird. Moreover, the bird is made out of the letters V and T, which are the first two letters in my name.
The logo is shaped of a square, conveying the idea of simplicity, cleanliness, and stability.

The color black and white also convey the meaning above, and enhance the recognizable. In the logo, the tail of the bird breaks the edges of the frame, which communicates the meaning of breaking boundaries - creativity.


As mentioned above, magpie birds and random sketch lines are my inspiration to create the branding logo. As a designer, I always sketch out my ideas before I execute them; sketching is therefore the first step in my design process.




In order to maintain its performance across various digital platforms, the logo was designed to be responsive.


A monochromatic color scheme is my choice for the logo in keeping with minimalism. Due to its black and white design, the logo has high contrast for recognition. This will also ensure that the logo will be recognized in various print and online formats.


Staatliches is a clean-cut display typeface with charmingly unconventional proportions. It features full sets of capitals, numbers, punctuation, and symbols, in addition to alternate widths, discretionary ligatures, and common Latin accents. Having Staatliches as my logo typeface helps push up the random of the line sketch and make both of the type face and the logo more appealing to viewer.

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