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My name is Viet Tuong Pham but you can call me Felix!

I am a Product designer, living and working in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am motivated about utilizing technology to solve problems, develop UX solutions, and optimize applications on multiple platforms. As a Product Designer, my objective is to develop technical products that are functional, easy to use, and will help people achieve their goals and to business is earn revenue and meet business goals.

my career path

I started off my career in design as an industrial designer and worked for 3 years as a product designer before I pivoted to being UX/UI designer. During this time, I have contributed to the website project for our company (scandinavian.house) and I have been fascinated with digital products ever since. My background in industrial design helps me tremendously to become a UX/UI Designer since both industries share the idea of human-centered design.

my value as a designer

• Time-efficient. I aim to deliver quality work and meet deadlines.
• Curiosity. Critical thinking helps me do a deeper dive and solve problems more efficiently.
• Flexibility. A keen learner, I'm eager to discover new tools, technologies, and platforms.
• Providing and Receiving Feedback. As a team member, I give feedback to collaborators.
• Empathy. Think like the user and understand their needs.

design skills

• UI Design (UI kit, mockups, interaction).
• UX Design (user flow, persona, wireframing).
• Typography.
• Branding Design (logo design and brand identity).
• Graphic Design (posters, marketing materials, illustrations).
• Motion Graphic Design.
• Video Editing.
• Front-end Development.


• Data visualization and data-driven solutions.
• Develop UX/UI layouts for all mobile platforms.
• Conceptual design for branding and marketing.
• Develop and manage technical deployments.
• Product research and prototype development.
• Industry design, and communication of ideas in various styles and media.

technical program skills

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